At Maplewood Dental, we understand that you'd rather spend your day off strolling along the shore at Centennial Park or skiing at Horseshoe.  Using your precious vacation time or personal days to visit the dentist is not anyone's idea of a good time.  We get it.  But, we also know that getting in those check-ups is really important for your overall health.  So while we appreciate that it may not be your favourite thing to do, we can't support your wish to skip it. 

We can, however, do our best to make the experience as pleasant as possible.  Our office is warm and inviting, with comfortable seating near the fireplace (and the TV, of course) in case you show up a little early for your appointment (which we truly appreciate).  We also have a quiet spot where you can access the Internet while you wait, and a separate area for the kids - with an Xbox! 

Our staff is as warm and welcoming as our environment.  We are committed to treating our patients with compassion and respect, because we love to see their beautiful smiles.

Whether you need to have that perfect smile for photos of you waterskiing in Muskoka, or you simply want to look professional for your meeting down in Toronto, the caring dentists at Maplewood Dental in Barrie Ontario can help!